Thursday, 27 February 2014


Kampala School for the Physically Handicapped.

The slogan for Yimba Uganda is ‘Love to the World’, as we are committed to spreading God’s love to the sick, vulnerable and needy across the world.  Approaching Valentine’s Day there is already so much love in the air, so we took this as a great opportunity to spread love and joy to those who truly need it most. We wanted to take the primary focus of Valentine’s Day off couples and romance and show people that even if you are single, it’s a special day to share with the important people in your life, making them feel appreciated and cherished. We organised to spend Valentine’s Day showing love to the less privileged and express to those who are usually left out on such days that Yimba Uganda and Christ still have them at heart.  On Thursday 13th February a team of around 15 volunteers from Yimba Uganda visited ‘Kampala School for the Physically Handicapped’, to put on a fun day, bringing laughter and smiles to these beautiful children’s faces.
Our team consisted of gospel artists and volunteers including Coopy Bly, Hawa Musa, Martin Seku, Voltage, Holy Keane Amooti, Lyll Mykk, Disciple, Wanda Anthony, Kulchah, DJ Rain, Anne-Marie, Leah, friends from NTV and many others. Our day commenced with music, singing and dancing. It was an incredible sight to see the artists and volunteers interacting with the children, dancing, laughing, singing, and playing with one another.  There was such a positive atmosphere and everyone was unexplainably happy in the present moment. It was such a special sight to see children, who struggled to even walk, holding onto the hand of a friend and enthusiastically dancing to the music being performed in front of them. Even children who were in wheel chairs, clapped, waved their hands around and laughed uncontrollably; the happiness pouring out of these children was extremely contagious.  Students from the school even got up and sang songs with the artists they knew.  We went on to share a snack and soda with all 150 Children, sitting and sharing together as we ate. The visit was finished off with games and activities including; balloons, ball games, bubble blowing, stick on tattoos, face painting, and special toys for children with special needs.  Yimba Uganda had received a generous donation by a Ugandan lady, Moryn B Atusiimira and we were able to bless the school with a large sack of sugar, so that even when we are gone, they would have something to continue to make them happy.  We concluded the day with a word of thanks, followed by cleaning up the compound and saying goodbye to our new found friends.

In order to thank the volunteers for continuously coming and supporting the organisation, we organised a barbeque, so we could gather together and show our sincere appreciation.  The day was such a huge success and we thank all those that were involved, who used their talents of music, performance, interacting with children and heart to serve with that need it most.

For a better look at the fun had on the day, check out this 5 minute clip on youtube-

Handing over a sack of sugar to the school Director Joy
-Yimba Uganda

Dancing together

Gospel artists putting on a performance for the children

A very happy student

students enjoying their snacks!

Kulchah helping feed his new friend

playing games

Enjoying his new toys and snack

Lyll Mykk playing football with the children

Face painting

Kulchah giving a fan his CD

Martin Seku mucking around with some friends.

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