Wednesday, 26 February 2014


'Yimba Uganda' is a Non-Government, Christian based organisation located in the Republic of Uganda, East Africa. The organisation was founded in 2013 by Ugandan gospel artist Coopy Bly, also known as Emmanuel Kusaasira Edwin. He always had a vision and dream to help the less fortunate, and upon completing his Social Sciences degree at Makerere University, he started putting the knowledge from his studies and talent and love of music to good use.
As Emmanuel spent his childhood growing up in the slums of Katwe in Kampala, he had a firsthand experience of the difficulties and hardships people living in such places face every day. Because of the hard work and determination shown by his parents while he was at school, Emmanuel and his family were able to move out of this area. He was able to complete his university degree and begin his career in music. As his music career grew he became more and more known to the Ugandan community, including receiving the title of 'Male artist of the year, in the 2012/13 Olive Gospel Music Awards. The style of music in which he sings, reaches out most especially to urban youth, and as a gospel singer, his music strictly puts forward positive and inspirational messages, making him an ideal role model for the next generation to look up to.
Yimba Uganda strives to bring people together to use the talents that God has blessed them with, to encourage, bless and care for those less privileged than themselves. As Emmanuel has a talent for music, he uses this as a major avenue in which he is personally able to reach out to Ugandan communities. This is where the name 'Yimba Uganda' came from, as ‘Yimba’ in the Ugandan language of Luganda means 'sing'. Currently, many of the members of Yimba Uganda include gospel artists, however the organisation is open to anyone who wants to help make a difference, encouraging all Ugandans to step up and help their fellow Ugandans, using the talents they have been blessed with, or sharing what they have with the less privileged than themselves, rather than solely relying on outside assistance and sponsorship, adopting the point of view, we also need to help our own, if we expect others to also get involved.

Many people in Uganda haven't been as lucky as Emmanuel and his family were, and are still living in dreadful conditions, without access to employment, adequate education, and lack even the basic daily necessities that many of us take for granted such as food, safe drinking water, sanitation, clothing and housing.

Yimba Uganda strives to improve the lives of those living in such conditions by providing aid and education to members of these communities in order to not only relieve some of their burdens and improve their present situation, but to ultimately break the cycle of poverty. The primary focus will be on youth, as they are the next generation. Through the use of increased access to education, technical training, reproductive health and arts, we hope to create a society of empowered young people, who are economical independent, socially responsible and are able to effectively participate in the sustainable development of their own communities. 

The registration of the organisation was made possible by an extremely generous donation from individuals within the 'Healesville Probus Club (Mens), in Australia. With-out these financial costs of registration being covered, the registration of the organisation wouldn't have been as easy as it was. So Thank-you so much for having the heart to help those less fortunate than yourselves. Everything this organisation does to support others is a credit to yourselves and the great assistance that you gave to us. 

-Yimba Uganda 

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