Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Kikaramoja Christmas Party


On the 20th of December 2013, Yimba Uganda with support from Scouts Uganda, NTV, Nurturing Uganda and a group of International volunteers from Australia embarked on their journey to Kikaramoja in Masese, Jinja District. The day was set up as a Christmas celebration, a chance for the members of this community to be happy and celebrate during the festive season- something they rarely get the chance to do.  The celebrations commenced with a concert, where gospel artists performed, bringing the crowd to life through dancing and singing. The smiles on everyone’s faces were highly contagious, as they jumped and swayed to the music. A few of the artists included Coopy Bly, Katalina, Lyll Mykk, Disciple and many more. The Director of Yimba Uganda, Emmanuel was then invited on stage to give a few words and explain to the community what Yimba Uganda is, why they were there, as-well as to explain that the gifts we were about to distribute were donations from good Samaritans and well-wishers living in Kampala.  John Mweru, LC1 Chairman Masese 3 also said a few words, thanking Yimba Uganda for all their hard work, showing great appreciation on behalf of all members of this community. The day was finished off with the distribution of clothing. Residents lined up in lines according to their gender, age group etc and filed through receiving their Christmas package. Everyone expressed great joy upon receiving their gifts, some even running home to quickly try on their new outfit and model it on stage for the entire slum to see.  Approximately 2000 packs (with a shirt and skirt/pants) were handed out to different age groups ranging from new born babies, to the elderly. Baby Blankets knitted by Brenda a women from Yarra Glen, Australia were also handed out to single mothers.  Finally, a pre-selected list of 120 needy widows and single mothers received a 1kg bag of rice and sugar to feed their families this Christmas. It was an incredibly special day for all involved, a wonderful way to share joy with one another, and spread God’s love to the world during this festive season.

We would like to send out a big THANK-YOU to 'Healesville Uniting Church' in Australia for their contribution to this project. With the great generosity shown by this Church, we were able to purchase 120kgs of rice and sugar to hand out to widows and single mothers. We were also able to hire sound systems to put on the concert in the Slums on this day of distribution. Without your great generosity, none of this would have been as successful as it was. So thank you for working with us and being the avenue in which God used to bless these needy Ugandans. 

-Yimba Uganda

Baby Blankets from  Brenda in Australia.

Entertaining the crowds!

Interacting with the Children..

Lining up for their packages.

Elderly widow greatly appreciating Coopy Bly for her gift of rice and sugar. 

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