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Yimba Uganda's Vision: ‘A society of empowered young people, economically independent and socially responsible, effectively participating in the development of their communities’.

Emmanuel, Peace and Anne Marie 
 Yimba Uganda plans to achieve this vision through promoting and increasing access to education and vocational training. Access to a decent education is very important and is highly beneficial for a number of reasons. Not only does it act as a great investment, as the potential to live a better quality of life increases if one is educated, it also enables them to make informed, logical decisions regarding their lives and their futures.

Yimba Uganda's first sponsor child! 

 Some other benefits include;

-Educated females are more likely to be empowered, recognized members of society, receiving equal opportunities to those of men.
-Encourages family planning; reducing family size, early/ unplanned pregnancy, decreasing child and maternal mortality, limiting contraction and spread of disease.
 - Improved employment opportunities.
 - Strengthened democracy and economic development.
- Reduced incidents of child labour and premature marriage.
 - Decreased spread of disease.
 - Increased national productivity
- Development of communities.
 - Provides stable environment for upbringing of children.
- Leads to cycle of poverty being broken.
The list goes on....

Many children in developing countries such as Uganda are denied access to a proper education. This is generally a result of families not being in a financial state to pay for school fees. Yimba Uganda understands the burden school fees are having on families, and strives to relieve this burden placed upon vulnerable families where possible.

Our team at Yimba Uganda are very excited to announce that we currently have 4 children being sponsored through this sponsorship program. These children come from families who were struggling or unable to pay for their fees on their own, so we are so happy we have been able to financially assist these families, whilst investing into the lives of their children. As time progresses and the organisation grows, we hope to provide aid to many more needy Ugandan families.

 We would love to take this opportunity to introduce you to our first group of sponsor children!

-Lilly Nakasenge- Senior 3 at Hope Community High school in Wairaka, sponsored by The Reddan Family from Healesville, Australia through Yimba Uganda.

-Patrick Kibuuka- Senior 6 at Hope Community High school in Wairaka sponsored by The Reddan Family from Healesville, Australia through Yimba Uganda.

 Viola Nakiyingi- Primary 4 at Nyendo Progressive Primary school sponsored by The Reddan Family from Healesville, Australia through Yimba Uganda.

 Peace Kusaasira- Primary 3 at Jinja Christian School sponsored by Anne-Marie through Yimba Uganda.

Peace's story:
Peace lives in the small village of Wairaka, with her single mother and 10 month old baby brother. Peace's mother was working hard but struggling to provide for the family. She has a small roadside shop where she sells vegetables to feed the family, and if she makes enough, send Peace to school. We were so impressed with the hard work and persistence shown by this family and in particular this little girl. Every time we saw her she was either digging alone in the garden with her baby brother on her back, cleaning out the small room her family lived in, cooking dinner to take down to her mother at the shop, carrying multiple jerrycans to collect water, and much more. She is such a quiet spoken girl, waking up early in the morning to help her mother in any way she could, always without complaint, showing such maturity way beyond her years. We are so happy we were in a position to assist Peace and her mother, demonstrating to them that hard work and persistence does pay off. Peace's hard work is also being demonstrated in her studies. She was previously attending a small school in the village, therefore upon starting at Jinja Christian School she was a bit behind the other children, however since the beginning of term she has excelled incredibly, showing huge potential for greatness.
-Yimba Uganda
 How to Help? 
If you are interested in investing into a child's future though our sponsorship program, we would love to hear from you.

School fees vary depending on circumstances; depending on School and year level but if you have any questions or require additional information please contact us and we would be happy to help. 

 Points of Contact:


Emmanuel Kusaasira Edwin
P/O Box 15209
Kampala Uganda
+256 774 292 525 


Anne-Marie Reddan
20 Farnham Road Healesville 3777
+61 431 736 118
03) 5962 6223

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