Saturday, 25 April 2015

An incredible achievement

We would love to take this special opportunity to introduce to you all a very generous, hardworking and inspirational women, Jenny Elliot!

Jenny Elliot is truly a remarkable woman and we are so honored that she has been a part of our dream and passion in changing the lives of women throughout Uganda.

Jenny has recently donated her time, her energy and her finances to invest into our Female Sanitation Project. Jenny took on the ‘Operation Black Hawk Challenge’ which is a grueling challenge, testing ones skill and endurance through a military style obstacle course. It was a long and hard challenge but Jenny came out a champion at the other end! Awesome work Jenny!

We speak for a lot of people when we say we are truly proud of your efforts, Jenny! You are a truly inspirational women and we are so happy there are such change makers in the world like you.  Thank-you once again for believing in this program and for your remarkable investment. We cannot wait to share with you the extraordinary impact you have had on the lives of women in Uganda!

-Yimba Uganda 

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