Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Be the Change!

If you had the choice between buying food for your family or purchasing sanitary pads, what would you choose?
In many parts of the world, girls are deprived access to adequate female sanitation facilities. Girls have been found to be using leaves, newspapers and stuffing from their mattresses, anything that they can find, as a substitute. But still, as a result many girls go months of the year without going to school, work, or even leaving the house. This is not okay!!
Every girl in the world deserves to be educated, to be empowered, to feel safe and to live a life free from stigma.  However, for many girls living in developing countries, they are still not receiving these basic rights.  An organisation called ‘Days for Girls’ has obtained feedback from women all over the world, and developed ‘Washable Female Sanitation Kit’s’, which give girls back an average of 180 days of education, health, safety and dignity and that is only in the first 3 years of use!
Education is key to developing a nation and through education of a female; the next generation, the community and a nation are also being educated. Yimba Uganda has decided to jump on board, and help create change in the lives of girls throughout Uganda. Our incredible Ugandan run team holds workshops within the local community, educating them on female hygiene, to empower females in the community, while eliminating any stigma that is associated with female menstruation. 

Currently our packs are being created by a group of very generous women in Australia, however it is our goal to have all sanitation packs produced within Uganda.  Not only will this reduce costs of postage and boost the local economy, it will also encourage Ugandans to take control of the development of their communities and allow them to be the change they want to see in their country.

Yimba Uganda will provide a group of needy Ugandans living in the slums with the opportunity to join our tailoring course, to learn new skills in which they can use to become economically independent, while also being employed to create ‘Hygiene Packs’ for other women in their communities.  As a result these Ugandans will obtain a sense of empowerment and dignity as well as independency, because they are now in a position where they are able to provide for themselves, their families, and their community.
In order to commence our tailoring course and begin Ugandan production and wide spread distribution of these ‘Hygiene Packs’ we need your help! As Yimba Uganda is primarily a fully Ugandan run organisation, we require your assistance in providing the infrastructure for this program. Any amount you would like to donate, whether it is large or small, will go a long way in creating change for women in Uganda. A $10 donation can sponsor the production and distribution costs of one hygiene pack, that is one girl’s life changed with just $10! Up to a $150 donation which will sponsor a sewing machine for a women, which will change the life of her and her family swell as the hundreds of women throughout Uganda, who will receive the packs she has produced.
 If you are not in a position to donate, we would still LOVE for you to be involved in other ways. How about spreading the world to family, friends and your local community?

Thank you so much for your support, whether it is through donating, spreading the word, or keeping is in your prayers.  We hope that you will be inspired to partner with us, to help empower, educate and encourage females in Uganda.  
Please follow the link below to DIRECTLY donate to this amazing project! https://www.mycause.com.au/page/89025/yimbaugandafemalesanitationproject?fb_ref=Default

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