Monday, 27 October 2014


On behalf of Yimba Uganda I would like to recognize and appreciate the very hard work of 2 very humble people who have played an intricate role in the success of Yimba Uganda.

Chris and Sandy Reddan from Australia are one of the strong pillars of Yimba Uganda. To not thank and appreciate them for their hard work and ongoing efforts towards the progress of the organisation would be unfair, even though I know they would rather it be like that, simply because of their overwhelming humility.

To start with, they have been very supportive of their daughter Anne Marie and all the work she does in Uganda even if it means her being away from home for several months every year. They also were the best hosts I could ever have wished for during my stay in Australia, making sure I never lacked a thing, had the best fun and continuously going out of their way to make sure I attained some life skills like swimming (black boys can swim hehe).

They have selflessly financially given to the organization to help run most of our projects. In addition to that they continuously physically work hard at all of our fundraisers and markets (often more than the rest of us), including waking up at 6am to set up, as well as selling their own plants, and home made crafts!

They are a truly spiritually guided couple, continuously encouraging me during hard times, and praying for the progress of the organisation. But most of all, they have loved me and love everyone who has the chance to be around them.

I pray that God will greatly reward you and continue to bless the work of your hands and fulfilling your hearts desires. You surely do all you can to be a blessing to those less privileged than yourselves, and would like to take this opportunity to say a heart-felt thank you!

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