Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Primary School Incursion #1

The team at Yimba Uganda has had an action packed week so far! 

Monday and Tuesday we spent time with students at Lilydale West Primary School teaching their 5/6 classes about the unique Ugandan culture, how to play African drums and also how to make hand-made paper beads.  Both days were a huge success and we thoroughly enjoyed our time there! We have also received great feedback from both students and teachers. The students absolutely loved making the beads, and were eager to go home and teach their parents and siblings. They were very interested in Emmanuel's knowledge of Uganda and asked many insightful questions! A big thank-you to the students and teachers of Lilydale West Primary School for inviting us to your school, it was a great experience and we hope to visit you again soon!

Our favourite questions of the day:
'Do all Africans have dreadlocks?'
'Do Africans only eat fish?'

Emmanuel Playing BasketBall with the kids at recess

Bead Making :)

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