Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Healesville Market

In order to raise some extra money for Yimba Uganda, we have organised some Market stalls in Victoria, Australia. We have purchased home made African crafts from women and men in Uganda, and are reselling the items to raise money to further bless these communities.  The first market stall was held in Healesville, Victoria and was a huge success! We have been overwhelmed with people's generosity and willingness to help! 

We pray that we will be able to continue raising money in this way, including the Ugandans we are aiming to help in the process; by making crafts to not only benefit themselves, but assisting in the further develop of their own communities. Another special aspect of the market stalls, is the opportunity to directly interact with our customers, informing them of the needs many Ugandans face on a daily basis, and the ways in which they too can get involved in breaking the cycle of poverty in Uganda. 

Here are a few pictures of the stall. 


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